About Us

Mission Statement:

Efficient Venture’s goal is to provide home owners and property managers with a lawn maintenance service that drastically reduces air, water and noise pollution, while offering competitive rates and excellent customer service.


We are a local Austin TX company that started in 2011. We provide lawn and home maintenance services which are powered by TX wind and solar generated electricity. This is primarily lawn mowing, with gutter cleaning, bush/tree trimming, weeding and general clean up as well. Our unique business model prioritizes customer satisfaction, environmental responsibility and quality work.

The year is 2016 and ‘green talk’ has passed the fad phase of the 2000s. It’s no longer about high oil prices. It’s about carbon footprints and climate change to many. While the industrialized world has firmly entrenched itself in the necessity of luxuries, it may seem very difficult or impossible to do ‘our’ part in reducing our contribution to these problems that the scientific community has a consensus on.

We believe in electric powered machines to replace many small gasoline engines and their negative aspects. Their environmentally friendly operation also makes them a pleasure to use. I personally did not enjoy breathing in gasoline engine exhaust while working up a sweat as a teenager mowing lawns.

Do onto others as you would have done onto you. We want to keep the air in our community clean and free of carcinogenic particles. This is an immediate and first hand effect that we all can benefit from. Even if you don’t believe in man-made climate change, you can surely agree that you’d like your children to be breathing in healthy air. Just how bad is that backpack blower the landscaper guy is using? Many times worse than a new automobile.  Gas lawnmowers are also significant polluters – hour for hour, anywhere from 4-15x more polluting than a modern car.

We also believe in a pleasant work environment. Shortly stated – quiet, reliable, clean, simple tools are just more enjoyable to use. Our customers find that we are more approachable while working due to the less obtrusive tools.

How did this all begin? Owner Rich Hollenbeck had been extensively involved in the electric bicycle and motorcycle building community for 5 years. He repaired a lot of ailing ebikes for customers, many of which dearly relied on them as their only transportation. Keeping these useful ebikes on the road and providing the customers with a significant value was very rewarding. However, the market for such services is still very small as ebikes have not fully realized their potential in this country.

Eventually he found that the same batteries used on the ebikes worked great on the lawn mower. Thanks to developments in lithium battery technology, they are extremely reliable, safe, and useful for many years. Our oldest battery, assembled by electric bike dealer EM3EV.com  in 2011 using well regarded A123 Systems LiFePo4 battery cells has seen over 18,000 miles of use on an electric moped, and cut over 1,200 lawns so far, while still going very strong. We’re very interested to see how much use we can get out of it. We love a quality product that delivers value! The moment Rich used this lithium battery on an old electric mower, it was a game changer. No longer was it a chore, it was fun and peaceful to mow the grass. In the spring of 2016 he started offering mowing services to take Efficient Ventures in a new direction, to give homeowners the option of a clean, quiet lawn service. The lawn service is now operating as Quiet Cuts.